Supplier Purchasing Requirements

Revision Date: January 25, 2024

Items on the ProAction Products purchase order may be utilized in product ultimately deliverable to and governed by the regulations of the United States Department of Defense (DOD), Federal Aviation Administration (FAA 14 CFR Part 21 or 145).

All documentation presented for acceptance of product must be traceable by lot number and part number (including revision level) as applicable to the original manufacturer of the item defined in the ProAction Products Purchase Order.  

Signed and dated certifications of conformance are mandatory with each delivery.  All approved modifications to the original material must be documented and certified accordingly from your facility including direct traceability and unbroken chain of custody to the original manufacturer of the base raw material including all special processes utilized.  

All containers delivered in support of the ProAction Purchase Order with product shall be appropriately identified accordingly and directly traceable to the documentation presented.  

Additional supplier requirements will be referenced on ProAction Purchase Order.  Supplier performance including quality and on-time delivery is monitored by ProAction Products and suppliers will be notified of any request for corrective action.  All questions related to ProAction Products supplier purchasing requirements should be directed to the ProAction Products purchasing representative indicated on the Purchase Order.

Failure to comply with these mandatory requirements shall be cause for immediate rejection.  ProAction Products reserves the right to return the supplied product at the supplier's expense for any non-conformance to these requirements.