Innovative Solutions = Value Added Cost Reductions

Innovative Solutions

Is your plastic injection molder really meeting your "Mission Critical" cost reduction objectives? If not. Why leave your profits on the table?

With competitive pressures and escalating resin prices, you need an efficient and financially sound molder like ProAction Products that can offer value added, innovative solutions that will effectively reduce your cost while enhancing quality and growth. Many molders can mold parts, put them in a box and ship them out the door. We differentiate ourselves by not just manufacturing plastic parts, but manufacturing innovative solutions for our growing customer base of visionary companies. We don’t look at innovation as a means to an end, but rather as a way to give the customer every advantage possible.

Survey results indicate that cost reduction, again, is the top industry challenge for all key management personnel. In response to this challenge, we will help your company as we have helped many others, by finding hidden cost within your existing product and new projects. The following is a partial list of strategic value-added services that we can provide:

  • Improve quality and cost through our Continuous Improvement, SPC and ISO plans.
  • Program Manager assigned to oversee your new or existing program.
  • Cost reduction through valued part, resin and tool design assistance.
  • Optimize costly slow cycling and problematic existing production molds.
  • Provide value priced SPI (in-house & offshore) tooling completed ahead of schedule.
  • In-house mold maintenance insures minimum downtime and maximum production time.
  • Customer Service Representative assigned to your account to ensure on time delivery.
  • Expedite lead times and reduce inventory with Kanban and J.I.T. programs.
  • Reduce assembly cost by utilizing our efficient in-house and outside assembly sources.
  • Pass along cost reductions when resin prices decrease and production efficiency improves.
  • Strong supplier relationship, aggressive purchasing and solid credit rating ensure competitive resin prices and a constant supply for your product, even under tight resin allocation conditions.

We can get you started immediately on the road to improved profitability with our Cost Solution Analysis (CSA) program that we perform for customers to determine the estimated savings for their particular application. CSA will determine the true optimum production cycle for running your existing molded components and pending projects. Furthermore, by examining and testing your existing molds, we can detect performance deficiencies with our Mold Trial Performance Analysis (MTPA) program and determine mold improvements to achieve a more cost effective and robust processing window. We are pleased to report that these programs have proven to be extremely successful at revealing the true cost.

The future success of any manufacturing-based business depends on introducing new technologies. We will continuously strive to develop innovative solutions for reducing our costs and improving our processes to guarantee value for our customers.

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