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Customer Service

ProAction’s commitment to "Customer Satisfaction" begins with a team interactive approach which encompasses Engineering, Manufacturing and Quality Assurance working seamlessly towards the common goal of meeting and exceeding your manufacturing requirements with each and every order.

Customer orders are verified and then immediately added to our order entry database and are scheduled and tracked daily by Production Planning to ensure on- time delivery. Majority of orders are processed with less than two weeks lead-time and with proper planning orders can be produced in advanced and kept in stock for “just-in-time” delivery. Computers located throughout the plant provide an information link that enables the entire organization to focus on quality and on-time execution.

ProAction Product’s real time production monitoring of the injection molding presses enables accurate and dynamic scheduling. Schedules are continuously updated providing the visibility to keep your product flowing.

We have enjoyed a long lasting relationship with the majority of our customers due to our emphasis on Quality and Customer Service.

Customer benefits include:
  • Personalized Customer Service Responsiveness
  • Flexibility in Manufacturing Responsivenes
  • Kanban, JIT and VMI Distribution
  • Customized Stocking Programs

Customer Service Excellence
Communicating and keeping our customers informed is the most important aspect of our Customer Service Group

Our facilities allow for JIT distribution programs

For local and regional access, safe and efficient delivery of your product is on time every time

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